Growing Generations

About Us

We founded our firm around a culture of excellence.

At Acorn Creek Capital, our culture is built on a foundation of positivity and commitment to continued growth. This culture is exemplified through our can-do attitude, and dedication to white-glove service. We strive to cultivate deep connections to elevate our relationships from business to personal levels. We embrace authenticity, ownership, and coachability so that we can empower our team and our clients.

Our pursuit of excellence – being the best we can be – is rooted in a desire for constant improvement, accountability, integrity, and thoughtful action. From this foundation, we believe we can help improve the lives of generations to come.

From left to right: Aric Light, Jacqueline Kabel, Brett Jacobson, Ben Loeffler, Vince Hourigan, Sierra Merrick, Nicholas Hoogendyk, Sarah Cloke

Why Acorn Creek

Here are some additional ways that we are set apart as investment partners.

Holistic and comprehensive: We take a well-rounded approach to your family’s needs.

ESSENTIAL. We go beyond the scope of investing to truly help you manage your wealth by becoming your essential financial partner.

EMPOWERING. We partner with your other professionals – tax, legal, real estate, and insurance – so that you gain the most from these relationships and are encouraged towards your goals.

360° PERSPECTIVE. We consider both the big picture and the smallest details to understand who you are, where you are now, and where you want to be.

Personalized and Prioritized: You always come first.

PROACTIVE. Our team works to anticipate your needs and will check in with you regularly to stay up to date on your life and address questions as they arise.

ACCESSIBLE. When issues arise, our team will be here for you. You are our top priority, and we will be available when you need us.

ACCOUNTABILITY. As a fiduciary, we take responsibility for every decision and transaction we make on your behalf.

Coordinated and Connected: We believe in the strength of a team.

EXCELLENCE. We constantly challenge ourselves to be our best by consistently learning new things and pushing ourselves forward.

INTEGRATED. Our team taps into the cohesive strengths of our colleagues, network, and the latest research to provide you with well-informed wealth management advice.

DISCIPLINED. The team shares the same set of values and processes so you can feel secure in how we manage your wealth, from planning all the way through execution.

The Name Acorn Creek

Acorn Creek Trail was the first trail I hiked in Colorado. I’ll never forget the exhilarating feeling of taking in the flowers, the aspen trees, and the whitecap mountains. This experience, along with my frequent big river kayaking trips, define my journey through life. It is the combination of risk management, perspective, experience, and hard work that guides our firm every day to better the lives of our clients.

Ben Loeffler, President

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